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1. Add a reference to CaptchaControl.dll, NAudio.dll,NLayer.dll,NLayer.NAudioSupport.dll
2. On the aspx page add reference to Bootstrap.css, Bootstrap.js, Jquery.js and soundmanager.js and add swf folder from demo project. This folder is needed for soundmanager to play nicely on any device/browser.
3. In web.config add captchaimage handler under system.webServer



<add name="captcha" verb="GET" path="CaptchaImage" type="LM.CaptchaControl.CaptchaImageService, CaptchaControl" />



4. Add captchacontrol.dll reference to toolbox and then drag it into web form or simple type in the web form


<%@ Register Assembly="CaptchaControl" Namespace="LM.CaptchaControl" TagPrefix="cc1" %>

on top of the page after page directive and then add the control tag on the page as

<cc1:captchacontrol id="Captcha1" runat="server" captchabackgroundnoise="extreme" captchafontwarping="medium" captchacolor="blue" enabletheming="true" cssclass="container-fluid" captchachars="acdefghjklnpqrtuvxyz123456789" ></cc1:captchacontrol>

 5. Change control properties as needed

Note: As an alternative please download demo web project which should be fully functional

Web demo project download

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